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Despite the fact that we live in a society that has changed its attitude towards sex - from being ignorant about it we started to pursue it, the topic of masturbation still remains a kind of taboo. This situation applies to women far more than men. Men treat masturbation as a part of everyday life. A man who masturbates is perceived to be normal, but in case of women it looks different – it is a taboo subject. Why is it like this? It looks as if women did not feel sexual desire. And yet they do feel sexual desire. For women, sex is like aspirin to get rid of a headache or like PROZAC to improve the mood.

Women love sex and they love to masturbate. And what they do is not a sickness. Sick is the fact that nobody talks about it and treat it as a taboo subject. Officially, masturbation among women does not exist.

When women can do it with all their responsibilities?

It turns out that even in the workload and under a big exhaustion, they miss their self-gratification. Even when they are extremely absorbed with work, their best lover is a vibrator that never fails them (well, unless the batteries run out). Usually, masturbation begins with caressing, until one day, when a woman will fill a sensation between pain and delight. Then, there is only this delightful feeling. And despite the fact that it is an incredible pleasure, it still remains taboo. Women even among themselves do not talk about masturbation. As if they wanted to keep it only for themselves.

Different situations can become impulses for masturbation. It can be boredom or something exciting. These can be extremities, but the final effect is a wave of delightful pleasure that, for many women, becomes their drug and addiction. They become inseparable with their delight. Masturbation brings them life and they terribly miss it. When we talk about female masturbation, the context usually hints that it is done by “morally decayed” women. As far as men are concerned, masturbation is thought to be something normal, just like going out and having a beer. Very rarely women talk about their masturbation, especially with their men. They are afraid that their man could think that he is no longer needed as a sexual PARTNER. Women should not be afraid about that as a sexual intercourse between partners is an act of love, whereas masturbation is just an erotic ecstasy. Also, women should not be afraid of looking at their own bodies while masturbating. When they do IT they are often ashamed of themselves. They do not treat masturbation as something natural, because they think that they are the only ones in the whole world that actually do it. Of course they are not alone and they should do it – it is as if they made love with themselves. A woman must feel the desire to herself.
Women begin to masturbate at different age – some of them start as young women and other might be already mature when they find it out. When they how to do it, they do it often because it is the fastest way to self-gratification. Women whose imagination is rich can do it without touching themselves. Other will use their shapely fingers or a vibrator. Many women reach orgasm that is incomparably more intense than during sex with a man.

So why does something that provides women with incredible delight remains a taboo subject?
Situation that sometimes cause involuntary masturbation can be different and unexpected. Sometimes, women do IT out of boredom but also under the influence of even the smallest sexual associations and signals. The places where they masturbate can also be very different. It can be a bedroom, a sofa in front of the TV, in the shower, on a bench in a park or in their office.
Contrary to what is generally thought, women are not sexually frigid and they do not wait only for a man to have sex. They do not have to agree to longer periods without sex because they can satisfy themselves. They do not have to wait for a selfish man, because they can do it alone. They can achieve orgasms alone without smiling to anybody to have sex.

Women are allowed to have sex

Their sexual organs are not only meant to give birth to children. Their organs are also the intimate source of energy and sexual delight. Women, the same as men, are created for pleasure. And sexual pleasure is the key to happiness. The body of a woman belongs only to her. She has to take the whole delight from her body, because she deserves it. Women should reject the weird traditions and superstitions in order to love their own bodies that can be their source of incredible pleasure and joy. They should reject the stereotype that they should not touch THAT place and should stop think that it is the role of men to find IT. Women should not allow men to decide when to give them pleasure and how much should it be. No, THAT place belongs to women! Women have to decide themselves when and how much pleasure they want to take from that place. But first, it cannot be taboo anymore. They have to reject all prejudices towards THIS place. A woman who touch herself can go to the land of pleasure that she has never been to and she can go back to this realm whenever she wants.


If women had a magical spot that could make them experience orgasms after pressing it, everything would have been so much simpler. We could simply press it and see a woman experiencing climax.
However, it is different. Apparently, women do not know themselves how they are built. This is why we should accept our body and explore it. We should observe ourselves during masturbation in order to understand how our sexual organs are build and how they work. A Woman should not be angry because she could not experience orgasm for the first, 10th or even 20th time she masturbates.
She might help herself with erotic toys. Especially she should toy her clitoris, which has about 12 cm in length and is the only organ in her body that has been created to provide sexual delights. The clitoris embraces the vagina from both sides. During orgasm, regardless of whether it comes from the depth of vagina or the peak of the clitoris, everything becomes contracted.

The external part of clitoris is a strongly innervated point. If a woman stimulates her clitoris, especially its most sensitive spot, she is able to experience clitoral orgasm, which is as great as vaginal one.

In order to achieve it, however, some effort is required. Dear ladies, please find your sensitive spots that give you sexual delights. Nobody will do this for you. Every healthy woman has everything required to experience pleasures. And the clitoris is the only organ in human body created purely for sexual pleasure. It has no other functions besides this one.

When a woman masturbates, she is in the full control over her emotions. She can stop in order to gain the eagerness and continue when the desire increases. She can play with her body.
This is how she controls her desire. Thanks to this game every orgasm is different. Sometimes middling and sometimes it can be like a volcanic eruption. That is a great mystery of the woman’s body.


While masturbating, a woman closes herself in her intimate world. It is also a moment of experimenting with her body. The discoveries of such experiments can be taken into her marriage. One of such discoveries in the mystery G-spot. A woman who masturbates and explores her body has a chance to find and reach the mysterious G-spot. It is not an easy feat, but during masturbation, the G-spot swells and has a different facture than the rest of the vagina’s walls. The stimulation of this spot provides amazing sexual sensations. This place cannot be omitted. All you have to do is to listen to your body. It is easier to find and feel the G-spot after climaxing. Especially after multiple orgasms.

The name of the G-spot is not that precise, because in reality it is a relatively small gland, which is also called a female prostate. It is located on a connective tissue and because of its small sizes it can be hard to locate it. During a state of sexual arousal, this place fills up and gives squirting (female ejaculation). This place should be suppressed during penetration.
Because in most situations, during sexual intercourses of men and women, the vagina is stimulated with friction caused by movement along the vagina’s axis. This is the reason why women rarely experience the legendary sexual delight. If a man do not know that suppression and hitting in the area of the female prostate (the G-spot) are the most sexually stimulating, he will never give her this wonderful experience. Especially if we consider the fact that frictional movements in the vagina’s axis give more pleasure to men.

We can imagin that vagina is like a channel, which is full of secrets. Not just a deep and empty holw with a smooth surface. Every woman has to discover her vagina because it is a mysterious place and every woman has to find the G-spot as its pleasure is extraordinary and is very close – barely 1 to 3 cm from the vaginal vestibule. When a woman is aroused, especially after experiencing orgasm, the G-spot can appear right on the vaginal enterance.

There is no reason to be ashamed of the pleasure that comes from the inside of a woman. Up to the 18th century, the church has not seen anything bad in masturbation. Sexual fantasies, delights, motherhood – this is the quintessence of femininity. For women, the lack of sexual pleasure is like a long term illness, like a migrene. Sexual intercourses and masturbation improve their well-being and give satisfaction.

But what happens when we do not fantasize while masturbating? It is simple – there is a possibility that we do not achieve orgasm because we are preoccupied with our daily affairs. These affairs can be pleasant, but they still spil our orgasm. However, if we focus on our desire, everything starts to gain momentum. We can feel our sexual arousal.
Today we know that the most important organ responsible for our sexual functions is our brain.

If our brain is not in the state of arousal, does not fantasize and does not response to the signals from our body, it is hard for our flesh to go to the realm of pleasure.
Even if all the conditions are met, our orgasm can still turn out to be just a series of contractions.
Masturbation is genious – it is the key to woman’s orgasm. A woman who experiences orgasm alone is free from the power of a man. It is the moment when she can feel her femininity.
We live in a time of breakthrough. Not that long ago, women died during childbirth and their average lifespan was 35 years.
Today, women live more than twice as long. After giving a birth, a woman still has plenty of time for sexual life. But the mentality of our society towards sex has to change. The society has to stop treating sex as a TABU subject and discard predujices about sex. Especially the one that says that women after meno-pause cannot reach climax, because it is not true at all. The saem about the one that claims that orgasms achieved through masturbation are weaker and worse that the orgasms reached by a woman through sexual intercourse with a man.

Clitoral orgasm

Clitoral orgasms reached through masturbation are full and its delightful sensation is heavenly.
Clitoral orgasms, similarly to orgasms achieved during sexual intercourses with men, provides women with sexual energy, which keeps them in shape even in their old age.
Orgasm fills the person with hope and the realization that life is beautiful. The scream born during climax is like the song of gods, which vitalizes, gives courage, creativity and everything else that makes one to live further.
Orgasm oxygenates the body, is good for our heart and improves our mood. Orgasm is the best antidote for grumpiness, depression and migrene.
Orgasm makes us smile and keeps us straight.
Orgasm is beneficial to the whole body and prolongs our life.
When a woman is happy because she reached orgasm (alone or with her housband), she emanates with her joy. This joy is pure and selfless. It can be felt by her housband and her kids.

woman, sex

So what does this mysterious word – ORGASM stand for? Well, it is a sudden activity of sympathetic nervous system – increased blond pressure, increased heart rate, dilation of pupils and increased muscle tone. Furthermore, both women and men have cramps of the muscles associated with their genitals. It is the force of these cramps that decides on the intensity of the experienced orgazm. Following the logic of this mechanizm, by strengthening these muscles we are able to achieve almost overwhelming delight.

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